Secure online connections and protect sensitive data with the right certificate for your business.


TLS/SSL: Benefits Beyond Certificates


Norton Seal

Gain trust online by showing proof on your site. Display the most recognized trust mark on the web.

Daily Malware Scanning

It's built right into every DigiCert certificate for added protection against malicious infections.


TLS/SSL Certificates

DigiCert CertCentral

Uncommonly Convenient

How much time should you spend managing certificates? Hint: less than you think. With DigiCert CertCentral, you can discover and manage every certificate in your lifecycle—in a fraction of the time.

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Website Security

For Every Security Need, a Solution

Domain Validation


Currently, 97% of all websites are not encrypted, so their businesses and visitors are at risk. See how Encryption Everywhere changes the game for small businesses worldwide.

Organization Validation


Our Customer Authentication Team upholds the highest standards on the web. We use the world's strictest processes to validate any business seeking an OV certificate.


The Uncommon Denominator in TLS, IoT and PKI Solutions

Most-trusted roots

Most-trusted roots

We stay at the forefront of security advancements to ensure the highest level of trust.

15 years of industry innovation

15 years of innovation

Since 2003, we’ve gone from securing our first online connection to securing 26 billion every day.

Award-winning service & support

Award-winning support

We make security easy. That’s why we have more 5-star reviews than our competition combined.

Trusted by 90% of the Fortune 500

13.3 Billion Certificates Verified by Symantec 90%


The Most Recognized Trust Mark on the Internet

Top 100 Innovator List

Top 100

Thomson Reuters Global Innovator List

21.7 Billion OCSP Lookups

21.7 Billion

OCSP Lookups on Cyber Monday (US) 2016

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