DigiCert Consolidates Device Certificate Service

DigiCert consolidates DigiCert Device Certificate Service into DigiCert PKI Platform

End of Life Announcement for DigiCert Device Certificate Service

DigiCert has discontinued the availability of its DigiCert Device Certificate Service (DCS) offering. DCS customers have been transitioned to transitioned to DigiCert PKI Platform where they can continue to use the functions and features that have existed in DCS. The transition also allows DCS customers to take advantage of the many additional functions and features that are available in Managed PKI. The consolidation of the offerings will enable partners and customers to enjoy new functions and feature updates in a timely manner.

For more information, please refer to the DigiCert Device Certificate Service End-of-Life and Transition FAQ (or DigiCert Managed PKI).

Turn-Key Solution for Authenticating Distributed Hardware

Authenticating the identity of hardware devices to prevent unauthorized access becomes more critical as connected devices assume greater roles of importance in our lives. Solutions based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are particularly well-suited to address identity authentication for distributed hardware devices. DigiCert offers a high-volume, high-performance solution that allows manufacturers or ecosystems to embed certificates on hardware while also offering lifecycle management capabilities for certificates issued in real time. DigiCert has currently issued more than one billion certificates to connected devices such as smart meters, cable boxes, modems, locomotive engines across the globe.

Highlights include:

  • A turn-key solution for generating batches of digital certificates through an easy-to-use Web interface.
  • Technical knowledge of PKI is not required, nor is investment in expensive infrastructure to manage the authentication service.
  • The PKI environment is fully hosted and managed by DigiCert in a 24 x 7 x 365 day a year military grade, secure facility.

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System Requirements

PKI Manager

Supported web browsers:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1
    Browsers: Chrome 62, Firefox 56, Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 -
    Browsers: Chrome 62, Firefox 56, Internet Explorer 11
  • Operating System: Windows 10
    Browsers: Chrome 62, Firefox 56


Options are used to extend the functionality of the base products.

The GSMA’s Embedded eSIM specification provides a mechanism for remote ‘over the air’ provisioning and management of Embedded SIMs in machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.

In the M2M market, this specification allows mobile network operators to provide scalable, reliable and secure connectivity for M2M connected devices; by allowing a specific non-removable SIM embedded into the M2M device at the point of manufacture. The eSIM can later be remotely provisioned with the subscription profile of the operator providing the connectivity, which can be subsequently changed or modified over the air. This eliminates the need by the consumer or the service provider to intervene and replace SIM cards over the lifetime of each M2M product, thereby reducing ongoing operational and logistical costs.

DigiCert hosts the Single global Root of Trust for GSMA eSIM in its military grade datacenters and offers certificate-based authentication services to operators and service providers wishing to be part of the GSMA eSIM ecosystem.

Through the use of CI Plus Device Credentials optimum security is guaranteed between the TV receiver and the content provider.

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