DigiCert PKI Platform CLP  

Internet-age authentication for e-government

Scalable Certificate Authority Service Platform Designed for Large On-Premise Configurations

Fraudulent reproduction, misuse of government IDs, and national security breaches have driven governments to find robust information protection and authentication solutions.

More recently governments are seeing a need to secure communications with connected devices used for government initiatives, such as smart meters.

DigiCert PKI Platform CLP delivers end-to-end control for governments and other large institutions that cannot outsource any aspect of their PKI operation. CLP is a complete on-premises PKI environment that:

  • Configures and manages digital certificates in a secure and non-reputable manner.
  • Is architected to support the issuance and management of over 100 million certificates a year, and support the highest volume and peak load requirements in the industry.

CLP enables governments to deploy Internet-age authentication to facilitate the growth of e-government, meet the need for device authentication to a growing number of devices in the Internet of Things, implement effective national ID programs, and administer secure e-passport programs. In short, it helps governments create a more productive, fiscally responsible, and secure society.

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