DigiCert PKI Platform

Secure access to critical information and devices

As devices and cloud services proliferate, effective access control requires a way to authenticate individuals. Public key infrastructure (PKI) technology is the foundation for a wide range of access control systems. We offer PKI products and services backed by decades of experience and our ongoing commitment to security.

Our Products

DigiCert PKI Platform CLP

Enable end-to-end information protection, authentication, and secure control for governments and large institutions with PKI.

DigiCert PKI Platform

Power strong authentication and encryption to protect sensitive data through digital certificates managed with cloud-based PKI.

Stop ID misuse, secure access to Internet of Things

Fraudulent reproduction, misuse of government IDs, and national security breaches require government agencies to apply strong information protection and authentication tactics. The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices only heightens the urgency.

DigiCert PKI Platform CLP provides authentication to governments at all levels. Designed for large on-premises configurations, our platform can issue and manage more than 100 million certificates a year, the highest volume and peak load capabilities in the industry.


  • Configure and manage digital certificates securely and reliably
  • Secure communications with IoT devices such as smart meters
  • Facilitate the deployment and use of government initiates

Manage digital certificates with cloud service

Electronic communication, especially with mobile devices, is now the norm in business. And organizations need a way to authenticate users, restrict access to confidential information, and verify the integrity of sensitive documents and email. With the cloud-based DigiCert PKI Platform, you can issue, renew, and revoke digital certificates. Use our service to power strong authentication, encryption, and digital signing applications. And around-the-clock monitoring ensures the safety of your PKI keys.

  • Access sensitive data safely, anywhere and from any device
  • Scale easily to accommodate growth
  • Streamline administration with a web-based console

Gain strong authentication in federal agencies

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) requires the U.S. federal government to issue all its employees and contractors secure, reliable forms of identification. With DigiCert PKI Platform for Shared Service Provider: Federal, U.S. agencies have access to a reliable and scalable internet-based infrastructure to help ensure the availability of their critical authentication services.

  • Establish dedicated certification authorities for each agency
  • Remotely authenticate certificate requests
  • Generate private encryption keys and certificates

Interoperate with all levels of government

State and local governments and contractors often require an enterprise-grade PKI service that is interoperable with the federal government. With DigiCert PKI Platforms for Shared Service Provider: Non-Federal, state and local agencies can issue and manage digital certificates at multiple assurance levels. Because it has the same PKI service federal agencies use, you can interact smoothly with federal government systems.

  • Establish dedicated certification authorities for each agency
  • Remotely authenticate certificate requests
  • Generate private encryption keys and certificates

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