Apache Software Foundation

Symantec Website Security helps Apache Software Foundation deliver secure code-signing access to 6,000 developers on six continents—while minimizing risk and facilitating on-demand SSL certificates. Here's how.

Code Signing

“When the Foundation was formed, open-source code was seen by many in the enterprise world with a little bit of mistrust. But now, 15 years down the road, more and more people are adopting it. OpenOffice has 100 million downloads,” says David Nalley, Vice President, Infrastructure.


The organization turned to Symantec™ Secure App Service, because it provides code-signing keys as a secure, cloud-based service, and Symantec™ Enterprise Managed PKI for SSL for cloud-based SSL certificate management.


"Symantec also understands how to solve the process problem—how to be able to sign code or issue an SSL certificate within a large organization, empowering people to get things done while following guidelines. And that’s delivering value to the organization as a whole.”

Code Signing

Open Yet Secure Cloud-Based Key Protection


Code Signing + Managed PKI
All In One Solution

Keys, Secured

Keys, Secured

All signing keys are stored in the cloud, secured by the world's preeminent CA to ensure compliance with your internal policies.

Built for what you need

Certificates, Managed

Unsurpassed protection with robust PKI infrastructure, automatic malware pre-scanning, and cloud-based key generation.

Support, 24/7

Support, 24/7

During implementation, through management, to customer service, you're never more than one call away from help.

Other Use Cases


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