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97 Percent of Websites Today Have No Baseline Security

The threat of cyber security attacks on business platforms and personal information is increasing more and more each day. Constantly evolving market dynamics have created the need for hosting providers and their customers to ensure the right level of security is in place for all their sites, applications, and data in motion.

Security should not be an afterthought, yet with close to 1 billion websites worldwide, 97 percent lack basic security. DigiCert is addressing the need for increased security, and why we want to change the game and encrypt 100 percent of websites by 2018. Get in the game and become part of this global change.

Encryption Everywhere Program

High Value, Low Friction End-to-End Security for Web Hosting Partners

Encryption Everywhere changes the game – by providing a unified approach to security integration, automation, and management.


Introducing DigiCert's Website Security Partners

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