Health Connection ( is a leading reseller of medical and healthcare equipment.

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"Before we signed up with DigiCert, people would call us with questions and would not buy from us for some reason. Some people would directly tell us that they don't trust us as they have never heard of us," says Amit Aggarwal, President, Health Connection (


This is particularly challenging for a new company selling healthcare products online. The organization turned to DigiCert Secure Site SSL/TLS Certificates and the Norton seal.


"Since DigiCert is a well-known brand for security, customers feel comfortable and confident when they buy medical products from us. Pople certainly feel thankful when they see the extra protection provided through DigiCert," explains Aggarwal.


Website Security

Code Signing: Why "Buy" is Better Than "Build"

Unmatched CA Expertise

Unmatched CA Expertise

As a leader in Certificate Transparency, DigiCert empowers organizations with the ability to detect and mitigate security concerns for the domains they own

Certificates, Managed

Certificates, Managed

Consolidate your public and private certificates with one management console while gaining higher levels of control and visibility

Beyond The Call, 24/7

Beyond The Call, 24/7

We’re always here to help. See why our Global Customer Service Satisfaction scores remain consistently above 90%

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